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10 Air Bed:

The 10 Air Bed series from Discount Adjustable Beds provides all the same benefits as the other beds at a fraction of the price. When you compare the two, you will quickly see the Air Bed makes more sense, both from a comfort standpoint and from a price standpoint.

Twin long pictured

Air Inflation System:

The 10 Air Bed features a state-of-the-art air inflation system that allows each person to determine their own firmness based on personal preference. With a simple touch of a button on the remote, you can make the bed firmer or softer so you can get the best night's sleep possible. It doesn't matter if both people want different levels of comfort because of the soft divider between the two sides. With a clear, digital readout on an ergonomically designed remote, you can choose from 50 different settings. When you set your side of the bed, it will always remember your preferred setting so you don't need to change it again.

Quality Construction:

The 10 Air Bed features high-quality construction. The air chambers within the mattress are made from European vulcanized rubber with cloth backing for increased durability. The pockets are six inches deep, providing you with the wide range of firmness, with double-sealed borders and a foam rail system to help the mattress hold its shape, as well as the 20-year warranty.

Remote Controls:

  • Clear, Bright LED Digital Readout
  • 50 Air comfort settings.
  • Memory mode - allows you to adjust your bed to your setting at the touch of a button.
  • Pneumatic Pump - top-of-line digital pump is fast and reliable.


The air chambers are made from genuine European vulcanized rubber. They are cloth backed and double thick for durability and are a full 6 inches deep. The air chambers use a cross vertical and horizontal baffle construction that creates square pockets of air that provide uniform support and comfort from head to toe. The 25 gauge rubber uses a vulcanization process that virtually eliminates all seams. The material actually flows together and becomes a one piece construction. The natural cotton backing material is adhered chemically to the latex. This creates a soft, smooth texture and at the same time eliminates air leakage through the pores of the rubber. The chamber borders are double seamed with two 1.25 inch seams, one reinforcing the other. Double sealing creates a more reliable support system for years of proven longevity and trouble free use. Inside the air chambers you will find our incredibly strong I-Beam construction. Because this design eliminates the need for a foam wedge between dual air chambers, sleepers cansleep in the middle of the mattress without feeling anything but the ultra comfortable mattress they purchased, and without the sensation of rolling toward the middle of the bed, regardless of the selected inflation level. Before shipping, each air chamber is thoroughly tested to ensure years of trouble free use.


Our foam rails use an interlocking system to keep the mattress square and true. By locking these rails together, the air chambers are not able to migrate outwards which can lead to a rolling to the center feeling. The design maximizes the sleeping surface to provide the largest sleep surface possible.

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